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Are You a Mom Juggling the Roles of Entrepreneur and Parent?  

Embrace Connections & Say Goodbye to Solitude! 

It's time to align with Mompreneurs like YOU! Our vibrant community is dedicated to supporting mompreneurs holistically – because we understand the unique challenges and joys of balancing business and family.


We are mompreneurs who know what it’s like to juggle raising a family and a business at the same time.

Whether you have an idea you want to make happen, your business is just starting out, or you’ve been in the game a while and need to build (or maintain) momentum...

Connecting with knowledgeable and supportive women is SO important to your success.

Our powerful mama community will support you with all the combined resources, knowledge, and inspiration of hundreds of mompreneurs, so you no longer have to feel lonely and overwhelmed on your 'solopreneur' journey. 

  • Holistic Support: Gain access to a supportive network that understands the intricacies of being a mompreneur. We're not just about business – we're here to support your overall well-being.

  • Networking Events: Attend exclusive networking events tailored to mompreneurs, providing opportunities to connect, share experiences, and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

  • Educational Resources: Access valuable resources covering business strategies, work-life balance, self-care, and more. Our curated content is designed to empower you both professionally and personally.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Take it to the NEXT LEVEL and join our membership today. 


Our Membership Is For You If...

  • You are overwhelmed by all there is to do for your business & don't know what to focus on first

  • You know you're capable of more, but don't really know the steps to take to get to the next level

  • You want someone to bounce ideas off and ask questions, someone experienced, who's "been there and done that"

  • You struggle with creating space for your business, your family, AND yourself in your day.

  • You are struggling to get new leads & customers


Get the MOST out of our community and get access to a perk-filled membership designed just for you.

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The Connector Club Ambassadors are a group of highly motivated, enthusiastic business leaders who serve as the backbone of The Connector Club’s membership programs. 

The Connector Club honors the commitment of the Ambassadors with:

  • Opportunity to host workshops (AND GET PAID)
  • Experience complimentary Ambassador The Salt Room treatments ($540 value)
  • Get visible by submitting advertising on our website and though email marketing
  • Share promotional materials through our community blog (sent via email marketing)
  • PLUS more exclusive Ambassador benefits!

Ambassadors represent the organization at many community events. Ambassadors have the opportunity to promote their own business as they contact business members throughout the month.


Get Connected Membership

Accountability Pod



Get Renewed Accountability Pods Membership Includes:
● Daily Devotional Circle
● Wellness Club
● Support Circle
● Book Club

Interested in joining our community for support alone? COMMUNITY stands as a central pillar of our organization. Whether you're a business owner or not, if you're seeking support as a mother, this is the perfect option for you!





Get Connected Membership Includes:
● Member Directory 
● Discounted Community Markets
● Accountability Pods (BONUS PODS: Marketing and Leadership Circles)
● In-Studio Podcast Spotlights
● Weekly Facebook Promotion
● Referral Bonus Program
● Brunch & Learn Business Spotlight
●  Core Connection Cohort ($500 value)
● Discounted Workshops
● Exclusive Member-Only Events





Ambassadors Membership Includes (everything in Basic Membership PLUS):

●  Ambassador of the Month Awards
● Ambassador of the Year Award
● Recognition at Events
● Eligible to Host Monthly AMA
● Workshop Hosting (GET PAID)
● Eligible to Apply for Mompreneur Grants (up to $5,000 value)
● Complimentary Ambassador The Salt Room Experience ($540 value)
● Monthly Advertisement on Website and Email Marketing
● Promotional Materials Published through Blog (sent via email marketing)


Join risk-free for your first 14-days and see if our community is right for you. You can cancel instantly anytime. If you choose not to cancel, you will then join our full monthly subscription. This is a special thank-you gift offering to new subscribers. 

What's Included As a Member...


Book Club

Our community of entrepreneurs who come together to discuss and explore relevant literature that can contribute to their professional and personal growth. 

  • Knowledge Exchange and Learning: Engage in discussions covering entrepreneurship, leadership, and business strategies, gaining valuable insights from diverse perspectives.
  • Accountability and Goal Setting: Participate in goal-oriented reading, leveraging the group dynamic to enhance accountability and stay focused on continuous personal and professional growth.

Support Club

Cultivate mental resilience on your Mompreneurial journey with our Support Club, a compassionate space dedicated to nurturing mental well-being, personal growth, and fostering a caring community.

  • Holistic Mental Well-Being: Access resources crafted for mompreneurs, prioritizing mental health through supportive content and discussions.
  • Safe Space for Sharing: Engage in open and understanding conversations with fellow mompreneurs, creating a safe space for sharing experiences and receiving support.
  • Guided Self-Care Practices: Access curated content and events designed to empower your journey, promoting growth in both business and personal life, with a focus on guided self-care practices for mental wellness.

Marketing Club

Led by a seasoned social media strategist, our weekly marketing club is a dynamic hub for professionals to discuss and collaborate on evolving social media strategies, fostering learning and networking in digital marketing.

  • Strategic Insights: Engage in discussions about the latest trends, tools, and best practices in social media marketing, gaining strategic insights to enhance your digital presence and campaign effectiveness.Saving more without earning more
  • Skill Development through Challenges: Participate in monthly challenges to actively apply and refine your social media marketing skills, fostering a hands-on learning experience that accelerates your proficiency in navigating the dynamic world of digital marketing.

Wellness Club

Elevate your well-being as a mompreneur with our Wellness Club, a dedicated space fostering holistic support, networking, and personal growth.

  • Holistic Well-Being: Prioritize self-care and overall wellness with resources tailored for mompreneurs.
  • Monthly Fitness Challenges: Engage in invigorating monthly fitness challenges led by our professional health coach and Registered Nurse, promoting physical wellness and fostering a supportive community.

Devotional Club

Nourish your spirit as a mompreneur with our Devotional Club, a sacred space dedicated to fostering spiritual well-being, personal growth, and a supportive community.

  • Spiritual Nourishment: Prioritize your spiritual well-being with devotional resources crafted specifically for mompreneurs, offering moments of reflection and connection.
  • Community of Faith: Engage in meaningful discussions and share spiritual journeys with fellow mompreneurs, building a community of faith and support.
  • Guided Reflections: Access curated content and events designed to empower your journey, promoting growth both in business and personal life, all through guided reflections and spiritual practices.

Productivity Club

Optimize your efficiency as a Mompreneur with our Productivity Club, a purpose-driven space committed to enhancing time management, fostering professional growth, and building a supportive community.

  • Efficient Time Management: Learn and apply productivity strategies tailored for mompreneurs, maximizing your time and workflow efficiency.
  • Collaborative Work Sessions: Engage in focused work sessions and collaborative discussions with like-minded mompreneurs, creating a supportive environment for mutual growth.
  • Skill Development Hub: Access curated content and events designed to empower your journey, promoting growth both in business and personal life, with a focus on honing productivity skills.

"I LOVE this community of ambitious and driven women wanting to help each other succeed! I'm glad that I joined this community for myself and my children!"

- Melissa De Oleo, owner of Raices & Dulce DonElle

"I've been to MANY different networking events and I'm grateful that you all INVITE moms to bring their children! I don't have to schedule childcare so I can network!"

- Maria Z, owner of Amelie Embroidery

"So I just want to say... I LOVE being apart of this community! I have been a member of many networking groups, but this one creates these meaningful connections between women/moms. Great job on this group! I'm happy to know you all!"

- Natalie Ross, owner of Affordable Health Insurance

Don't Struggle Alone!

This is more than just a networking group; it’s a SISTERHOOD OF UNSTOPPABLE FORCES. Together, we create a legacy of strong, independent women who fearlessly balance the art of nurturing and the thrill of achieving. When successful women are lifted up for their hard work and achievements, they inspire the next generation of female leaders! So, if you’re ready to break barriers, shatter glass ceilings, and redefine what moms can accomplish, join us today and let’s soar to heights we never thought possible.

Welcome to a community that believes in you, celebrates you, and ignites the fire within you. Embrace the journey of a lifetime as a mompreneur. Together, we are unstoppable!